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The Midlife Women’s Weight Loss Express
Home Study Course

I invite you to join me on a trip to looking and feeling better than you have – possibly in years – and better than you thought possible. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 150, there is a level within this program for you to start with and have a successful outcome.

This home study course includes a 113-page binder, 4 audio CDs AND a copy of the Everything Is Food Journal.

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7 Steps To Make Midlife Weight Loss Easy

This simple hour-long audio program and workbook could be the thing that finally sets you free from yo-yo-ing, drudge eating, constant hunger, and the frustration of having tried everything without lasting results.

BONUS: now includes 2 CDs or MP3s! I recently did a 2nd call on the Secrets to Midlife Weight Loss, and this new CD includes exactly what to eat, what supplements work, and what kinds of exercise helps(and what doesn’t!)

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How to LOOK and FEEL Better at Midlife

Two teleconference call mp3 recordings (1 hour each) and downloadable PDF transcripts covering topics related to feeling — and looking — your best at midlife.

  • Midlife weight gain and how to reverse it
  • Managing menopause symptoms
  • Natural cholesterol management
  • The #1 toxic threat to our bodies
  • 3 key elements to managing stress
  • The best brain foods
    … and much more!

For a limited time, you can grab these calls for a very low price!

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Everything Is Food Journal

This 90-day journal is more than just a place to record the food you eat to help with weight loss. It’s got room to record the other important things that can accompany eating like how you felt, if you were alone or in company, where you were. Each day you are encouraged to record something you are grateful for, what you learned, what your exercise was.

There are pages for journaling and inspirational quotes to help keep you in the game. In short, it’s a place to record everything that impacts you because Everything Is Food. If you are anticipating a weight loss program, (or know someone who is), journaling has been proven to help you succeed. When you see what you are eating, when, and why, you are likely to think about your choices and make different ones.

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The Great Cholesterol Lie: Why Inflammation Kills And The Real Cure For Heart Disease

Before You Start Taking, Or If You Are Taking Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Mevacor, Provachol, Altocor, Lesacol… or any other statin medication – STOP!! You Need To Read Dr. Lundell’s Alarming Bulletin Immediately, Because Dropping Your Cholesterol Levels Will NOT Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease, Attack, Or Strokes!

Dr. Dwight Lundell says, “In my career as a cardiac surgeon, I’ve performed over 5,000 heart surgeries. Most of these could have been easily prevented had the patients been given the right information.”

YOU Can Prevent And Cure Heart Disease AND Reverse Damage That’s Been Done Without Statin Medication!!

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The 30 Day Diabetes Cure

Discover the safe, easy, successful way to beat this deadly disease.

Dr. Stefan Ripich, ND, ANP has brought us the Diabetes cure we so desperately need. In just 30 days, you could be exclaiming, “My Diabetes is all GONE!”

Dr. Ripich has been using this cure to successfully treat all types of Diabetes for many, many years… including many tough, advanced cases. In virtually every case, their symptoms completely disappeared — without drugs!

Don’t let Diabetes or today’s ill-fated drug treatments destroy the quality of your life for another moment.

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The new Ultra-Low Calorie, All-Natural Sweetener that WON’T Spike Your Weight or Blood Sugar — and Satisfies EXACTLY Like Sugar!

When it’s part of a healthy, low-carb diet, SLIMTEVIA produces three wonderful effects…

  • SLIMTEVIA helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels — which can really improve your health. (Elevated blood sugar causes inflammation and is directly linked to numerous medical conditions.)
  • SLIMTEVIA satisfies your natural desire for a little “something sweet” without spiking your blood sugar and insulin.
  • Since SLIMTEVIA doesn’t trigger insulin, your stored fat is free to exit your fat cells, so it can be burned off as energy.

SLIMTEVIA is the best low-cal, low-GI, “blood sugar safe” and healthful sweetener ever created!

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