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These programs were designed for women who want to—or must—make lifestyle changes so they can feel better. How much support you want and how urgent your need to make changes will determine which program is right for you.  Choose the one that feels the best and email me to get started.

No matter which program you choose, they all come with my Lifestyle Assessment®. Unlike any other coaching program intake form, this one is designed to let me and you see clearly which habits are supportive and which are not, which areas need the most attention and which need less.

The success of any program you begin is rooted in whether it fits your style, your schedule, and your preferences.

Sure you’ve got to move out of your comfort zone but if something is a struggle to incorporate, you’ll soon find your commitment disappears.

If  you’d like to begin with a complimentary, 30-minute strategy session to get you started and hone in on what the best support for you is, just use this email link to let me know.

Smart Woman’s Feelbetter Jump Start – 30 Day Intensive

You are a self-starter. You exercise and eat pretty well but suddenly your body has a mind of its own and your usual tricks aren’t working. This short but intense program is for you if there is one thing you want to focus on such as:

New ideas for weight management
Naturally lowering blood pressure
Tweaking your food program for maximum energy and weight control

At the end of 30 days you will:

have a foundation for making lasting change customized for you
know better what works what doesn’t and what to replace those “don’t work” habits with.
have more energy and feel more confident knowing you are back in control of that body or mind.

Total Mind and Body Tune Up – 3 months

This program is for someone who needs more of an overall plan for better health. You may or may not know what you “should” be doing but the bottom line is you never get started.

This isn’t just about your body though deep down you know that if you could get that handled you’d be in a better position to think about what else is out of whack.

This 90-day program is for women who need a good dose of self awareness, The Lifestyle Assessment, and a kick in the Spanx. You must be willing to start with your mind and be courageously open to what comes up.

After assessing where you are physically, what foods are best for your body, and what type of personality you are, together we will create a plan for making the changes you want to make.

At the end of 60 days we will take stock of:

where you are
what’s working
what’s not working
change course slightly if necessary

After 90 days, you will:

have new energy reserves,
have new ways of seeing the choices around you
have a new sense of control
eat and sleep better
know how to maximize your calories for optimal nutrition and satisfaction
understand your midlife body
know how to live young to an old age.

911 Urgent Care Coaching Program – 4 months

This 90-day program is for women who need help to reverse a health condition and they need it now. Or you may be sick and tired of feeling bad and are ready to ask for help.

If you have special needs in the areas of diabetes, Syndrome X, high blood pressure, or simply feel it’s time to get healthy and you must do something, sign up for a strategy session now.

This is intense coaching but it is not radical nor is it dangerous. We will proceed at a safe pace, one designed on your Lifestyle Assessment answers and with your doctor’s ok. You must be willing to explore the core of you, not just your habits. In order to effect lasting change we must go deep, but I promise you a safe place, a skilled ear, and a compassionate champion who knows you can feel better.

You will gain knowledge about how you do life and what stories you tell that are limiting your health.
You will understand your body’s way of processing food so you can make the best choices for you
You will without a doubt feel better and have more energy than you could imagine
You will sleep better! This alone lowers the risk of lifestyle diseases and stress.

I encourage you to get started with a complimentary strategy session to see exactly what would best fit your needs.

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