Large Study Finds Total Cholesterol To Be An Overestimated Risk

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Well Hallelujah, western medicine is coming around to the truth. One of my experts from the Missing Midlife Manual series, Nora Gedgaudas, send me this link in support of one of her teachings, (and mine) that cholesterol in food is not the devil and cholesterol lowering is not the health panacea we are led to believe.

In last week’s issue of the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice they reviewed a large Norwegian study that was done to test the validity of the cholesterol is bad theory. (That’s my language and the short version of what they called it.)

Here is Nora’s synopsis: “the new Norwegian cholesterol study (involving 52,087 individuals) just released that shows that so-called “elevated” cholesterol in women is not only NOT associated with any enhanced risk of cardiovascular disease whatsoever but that it is literally a longevity marker!”

Statins anyone? Of course there are thousands of people including health professionals, drug manufacturers, huge organizations with ties to said drug companies, and your relatives who will tell you it’s not true. Or that it’s not the right conclusion. Or even that it’s just one small study.

Truth is, it’s one of many studies and in terms of numbers of people to collect data from, it’s actually huge.

I will continue to update you on other studies as I find them. Meanwhile, have an whole egg, eat some meat, enjoy some organic butter on your oatmeal. It certainly won’t kill you and the truth is, it might just extend your life!


  1. Demonization of cholestrol by means of pseudo-science supporting the pharmaceutical and medical monopolies is hardly news. The website of The International Network of Cholestrol Skeptics is a rich and enduring source all but demonstrating cholestrolphobia as a commercial theory of medicine supporting marketing objects of Big Pharm. Equally important to pursue is the dark side of statins.

    Nora’s in the Portland area, home of the Linus Pauling based Orthomolecular medicine project. The Pauling method using around three grams of l-lysine, 1.5 grams l-proline once daily along with 8-16 grams of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) daily remediates arterial plaque. One case I’m aware of involved a man in his early 70s diagnosed with more than 90 percentile arterial plaque. Prescribed statins, he wisely turned them down, seeking instead the counsel of a physician who put him on the Pauling-Rath formula. At his coronary follow up a year later, scans reveal zero percentage plaque. Astonishing.
    Now for the cost comparison. Statins of the newest, latest, greatest prescribed would have run him around $200/monthly likely forever. Big Pharm and its doctor education does not advise that statins suppress not only cholestrol production (hence, testosterone, estrogen and cortisol (steroid means cholestrol derivation metabolite), but also CoQ10 and tumor necrosis factor alpha. As CoQ10 blood volume approaches more than 65% lower than normal levels, risk of sudden death from congestive heart failure become a clear and present danger. Big Pharm keeps that a secret since it cannot (YET) control CoQ10. It should be added that testing of statins is restricted to middle age white males – excluding women and people of color. Why? in both cases, cancer risk accelerates. British studies not broadcast on American news networks (heavily funded by pharmaceutical monopoly) have not reported various studies indicating increased breast and ovarian cancer risk increases with statins.

    L-lysine, l-proline, and ascorbic acid costs for a year? about $300- to remove plaque; thereafter for maintenance, like less that $75- per year. Compare to a lifelong statin sentence of $2400 now, with upward increases including inflation and replacement of today’s statins as the patents expire (opening the way to cheaper generics) hence need for ‘new’ ones to keep the monopoly prospering, and it’s just ridiculous.

    Cholestrol indicates a healthy immune system dealing with inflammatory conditions. Along with type II diabetes, obesity, sarcopenic obesity, arthritis, and osteoporosis, all are secondary or tertiary symptoms of episodic to acute degeneration moving into chronic stages. Medicine is not equipped either to recognize, much less diagnosis of degenerative onset symptomology. It’s not hard to do so. Ask any coach or body therapist. Most heart attacks with elevated cholestrol 50 years ago occured within weeks of severe upper respiratory infections or flu; cholestrol should have been elevated as part of a generalized immunological response. Today’s elevated cholestrol stems from non-communicable, non-infectious sources. The problem stems from deeper causes which both homocysteine and CRP blood panel reports should flag.

    lots more can be said. my blog will help in some regards, with more to follow. My invited lecture at University of Texas Medical Branch delivered yesterday should be online soon – dealing with the business of paradigms that heal/paradigms that kill, and the efficacy of the paradigm of evo med/evo exercise physiology.

  2. Research tells us that a diet low in saturated fat and high in fruits and vegetable combined with exercise can lower bad cholesterol levels by as much as 35 percent in 14 days or less. Avoid saturated fat. Eat more fiber. Fruits and vegetables, including whole grains, are good sources not only of heart-healthy antioxidants but also cholesterol-lowering dietary fiber. Fish and fish oil are chockablock with cholesterol-lowering omega-3 fatty acids. Green tea as a healthier alternative to sodas and sugary beverages. Extensive research has demonstrated that regular consumption of nuts can bring modest reductions in cholesterol. Don’t smoke. Hope this helps you.

    • Margurite, While some studies show that lowering saturated fat can lower “bad” cholesterol, just as many talk about the healthy aspects of saturated fat. When animal protein is eaten from range fed animals as they come–fat and all-they do not contribute to any cholesterol. Besides, cholesterol as most people get measured–LDL and HDL only, is not the issue. Subfractions of the triglycerides such as VLDL and other are. I’m all for more vegetables, limited fruits, nuts and seeds but don’t want people to feel they can’t eat a piece of dark meat chicken or marbled beef in the name of health.

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